make me choose | argentsallisoned asked you: Fifth Harmony or Selena Gomez

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Camila + Spending the entire interview undressing her Barbie

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5h + colors

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@camilacabello97: nobody understands how badly i want to go to the 1975 concert tonight gaaaaaaaaah i could use a lil pixie dust to fly there right now

@LaurenJauregui: IM SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT WAS SO GOOD. They’re even better live :( Matty commanded that crowd like no other..amazzzzinggggg

@AllyBrooke: Heyyyy thanks for a stellar night :) You guys were SOOOO good! Loved your show!!

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Normani Kordei: 🍟 can I get some ketchup wit dat !

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Fifth Harmony talking about Demi Lovato 

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a fan getting Lana to say hi to Lauren

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