The girls today - 19/9/14

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REFLECTION. The debut album of Fifth Harmony is coming. 

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YRB Magazine - 2014

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Sterling Heights - M&G - 9/10 - Ally & Normani

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how to treat fans by fifth harmony

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Dinah’s snapchat 9/17/14

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true friends tell you the truth..

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Vote here!

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Bo$$ on Dancing With the Stars

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camila_cabellothat’s a quote from elf. just like will ferrel right? THANKS FOR 1M FOLLOWERS YOURE MAGICAL

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eminem has 8 albums, katy perry has 57 million twitter followers, beyoncé is literally the queen of the world and fifth harmony is just sitting there in the same category as all of them with zero albums, zero international tours and less than 2 million followers god they’re going to fucking rule the world I’m so proud of both them and us

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Camila and Ally during Normani’s solo in “BO$$” x

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